Mission & Future Vision

We strive, you drive.

Pursuant to the company's policy to follow the last studies for the expansion of the company's business, company's future vision was to achieve the excellence and self-sufficiency to the possible extent, briefly as follows: .

First: To be directed to join to distribution team of agencies,which owns the constituents of success in the local market at an organized leadership with a successful business team along with plan consistent with the company trends in future expansions to the designed plan. .
Second: Horizontal expansion of the company in accordance with the designed geographic studies, which are summarized in the use of distinctive places in the scope of the required and proposed governorates for serving dedicated distribution points.
Third: To be directed to the vertical expansion of each branch and to achieve the required deployment level of each branch at all levels by using all direct and indirect means of communication and customary and modern to attract and serve customers.
Fourth: As a belief from us to the importance of after-sales service and as it is one of excellence modern means of company and customer service, the company has adopted the expansion application in the specialized branches in after-sales service, according to the required standard specificationsfor each agency, and adopting it in the after-sales service by the agency to be one of the specialized and distinc tive service branches of the company.
Fifth: the permanent development of persons each in his specialty is one of the success and excellence secrets for companies on public level. Thus, the company has contracted with distinct expertise consulting firms, with suitable programs accord ing to the needs of each specialty as well as to develop the department's performance and applying modern systems for management in each specialty to achieve the speed and ease of business application.
Sixth: opening doors to unspecialized branches, and spread them on the republic level to reach to the place where customer will be available and reduce of trade sale, which recently became the policy which distributor rely on it in the distribution of the contracted quotas with a profit margin symbolic and that sometimes leads to price volatility on market level, on the one hand in some cases, and on the other hand, to change the direction of the client when he make his decision.

The foregoing, the above mentioned points is considered the are the brief company future vision in accord ance with the board of directors directives, that based on modern scientific bases in the development of the companies' performance in general and particularly the cars sector.